If you think that the hardest thing ever is to step with a parachute into the open door of a flying airplane, to cook poisonous pufferfish or to implement the Ukkonen algorithm, you’re wrong. The hardest thing is to get to the essence of your personality, to blow with a hurricane of thoughts not just the skin, but the flesh; to look at yourself and to write this two hundred words about my life, so accident readers of this blog will realise with whom they have to deal.

I would become the new Hunter S. Thompson, if Russia were taught gonzo journalists. Sergey Brin would be surpassed, if love to math wasn’t required to study programming. I tried to be a Heston Blumenthal, but molecular gastronomy is not taught in colleges based on the Soviet system of education. As a result, I have to be myself and that’s not a boring task too.

This blog will probably good for those who are looking for simple step-by-step recipes, enjoy reading about other people’s travel and periodically going on their own. I’ll try to write about my experience without tourist clichés, and to avoid several dozen Caesar salad recipes. Most of photos are mine, but if I will borrow some from other people, I will surely mention them. All that is in this blog, you can safely distribute with the link to this site at the beginning and at the end of the borrowed material.

Here you will learn about easy recipes of tasty food, deal with national cuisine of different cultures and without any problems understand what to visit in Europe. All recipes are easy to print, all guides could be download to the tablet or smartphone. Food & Cities, actually, is a logical continuation of my blog with step-by-step food recipes, but multilingual and for more advanced readers without desire to look at photos with captions like “Dice tomatoes” or “Boil rice for 20 min”. Entries will be publishing twice or thrice per week, I am going to fill both Food and Cities categories in equal proportions.

Pay attention to the Places category: now there is only a one map (simply called “Where To Eat in Moscow”), but it will changed. Try to change we language — articles in Russian (as well as the site) are translating by me, so are a bit different from English versions (I was going to adjust for the different cultures).

By the way, feel free to subscribe to my photos of food and cities in Instagram  or follow my updates of the blog at Facebook and subscribe to RSS of Food & Cities, if you like. Don’t forget to read the first entry at this blog (there you will find some goals of the site).