I have delayed the launch of this site thrice and thrice the idea and content were totally rewritten.

Designs were redrawing, menu’s structure time after time was sketching on papers in a small Dutch café and then was burning in a heavy crystal ashtray, and between buying the domain Food&Cities.com and publishing this post was spent almost a year.

Over the twelve months much has changed: from the shelves of Russian stores disappeared parmesan and salmon, the dollar decided to meet with the price per barrel of oil somewhere in the neighborhood of 70, and the country got another peninsula. With the same speed were changing plans for the blog: once I was going to publish in its pages detailed step-by-step recipes and to take pictures of tourist attractions during my rare travels through the world, but over time the pursuit of casual visitors from search engines, looking for recipe for “any chocolate cake ” as well as for “tickets for the New Year’s Eve in Europe”, came to naught.

Еда и города
Food & Cities is the most direct guide to the world at the other side of your comfort zone. I write about my life — the life I was always dreamed of (to eat delicious and to travel through the world, both as cheap as possible). There will be no complex recipes requiring readers to keep in the freezer cuttlefish ink and foot of twin rabbits, and in the notes of travel you will not meet recommendations on the choice of excursions, just because you are really able to find them in other places.

More about the site’s goals you could read here, but for now sit back, pour a mug of your favorite tea or a cup of strong coffee with cinnamon, turn off the mobile phone — let’s start!